bookmark set - all 4 designs

Image of bookmark set - all 4 designs

get one of each, cos why not hey


Each bookmark is lovingly (kinda, those guillotines are dicks sometimes) cut out individually, they might be a bit bigger or smaller than the size stated below. I'm not perfect, ok

Bookmark size - 6 cm/2.35 inches x 17 cm/6.7 inches (ish)
14.8 cm/5.8 Inches x 10.5 cm/4.1 Inches

Blank on the back


All designing, printing & packing is done by yours truly at my home/studio on the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne.

This item is shipped from Australia so international orders allow 7 – 14 days for delivery to make sure your order gets to you before you actually need to give it to someone.

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